COSMO Sunrise


design: Clementine Chambon
"Cosmo is produced by Exto, an Italian furniture manufacturer with artisanal know-how whose key points are research and innovation.
Perched on a slender base, its shape recalls the appearance of certain scarabs, symbols of the course of the sun and cosmic cycles in Ancient Egypt.
Its base, whose design confronts the softness of the curves with the dynamics of the lines, is refined from the inside by a groove and enhances the work of high quality italian craftsmanship. Its top curves like a shell.
Cosmo is dressed in a “weather color” gradient, reminiscent of the spring skies when you get up at dawn." Request info about this product

Console made of a base in solid brushed ash and of a top made of an iron sheet asymmetrically folded, which creates the illusion of being detached from the legs.
The metal top is finished with a matt lacquer in a gradient of pastel tones.
Dimensions: 89 cm height x 155 cm width x 47 cm depth.
A sculptural and at the same time rational object, essential but with a strong character.