Quattro Gambe


design: Francesco Faccin
“One table, different materials, four legs. Everyone can compose his own table, choosing the materials and deciding which character to give to the finished product: the legs can be all different, paired or all the same. The combinations are basically endless”. Request info about this product

Functionality and rationality combine with an innovative structure where tops and legs can be changed, creating an endless range of compositions. The table consists of a top, four legs and a structure in different sizes, available in polished or matt stainless steel or polished or matt brass. The tops can be rectangular, square, round or oval, and they can be of any thickness and material. From precious marbles, like Verde alpi, Calacatta gold and Emperador brown, to walnut, palissander or wenge, or even concrete. The legs, masterpiece and heart of the project, can easily be interchangeable through a skillfully engineered system which hides avery detail leaving only a clear and elegant aesthetic. The legs have different diameters, according to the archetypical lift of every material. Therefore we can have legs in concrete with a diameter of 13 cm, in marble with a diameter of 11 cm, in walnut with a diameter of 9 cm, or in steel or brass with a diameter of 7 cm. One table, four legs and one top, endless combinations, from eclectic/artistic to rational and sophisticated. Indoor or outdoor, matt or polished, with identical legs, paired or all different. A revisited classic which will remain in the history of design.